You can find all the information You’re going to need while using our site or services. If You’re also looking for some general information about Croatia, such as history, art, gastronomy, best locations, beaches, events and more, You’re in the right place. Taxi-Zadar.Biz is aiming to make Your stay in Croatia as good as possible by making sure Your stay here is started with quality service and comfort from the moment You land in our beautiful country. If You don’t have a plan for Your stay here except the hotel You’re staying at, we can help. There are some events and locations we recommend You visit, depending on Your location. If You’re looking for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner – our drivers can recommend the perfect place for You, depending on Your preferences. All You have to do is relax – leave the rest to us and You will have a pleasant stay in Croatia.

A (small) portion of what You can find or do while in Croatia

You can find list of events HERE.

If You want Your vacation to be comfortable and pleasant, we recommend booking our services and our professional staff will do everything they can to make it so. In this article we bring You a guide to Croatia’s best attractions and a little something about the history, art, culture and gastronomy.

  • Beaches in Croatia – here’s a list of the beaches in Croatia graded as best, by regions. These are some of the most famous beaches in Croatia, but with 1800 kilometres of seaside, there are many hidden beaches You might want to explore. You’ll also find some hidden hints pointing You in the right direction, You wouldn’t want everyone to find Your hidden beach, would You?
  • Music Festivals – are You looking to have some great time and listen to the best music this Summer has to offer? We’ve made sure You don’t miss any important music festival this year. Why not go to almost all of them, since many are held in Tisno? And why not book our taxi and have our driver take You there as soon as You land? Both are excellent suggestions, but You’ll find more here.