Touristic Trours And Excursions

Either if you are looking for unmatched sightseeings of Croatian coast, looking to enjoy the Plitvice Lakes or looking for cities with history, we are there to bring you the exceptional view of the greatest coast in Europe.

We can arrange a personal tour just for you in one of our luxury limousines, or for the group in a state-of-the art van, mini-bus or even a touristic bus (49+2).. Enjoy the beautiful views in the luxury and comfort of the best vehicles available in the city.

If you are visiting Croatia coast from outside the state, or just want to take your significant other out for a great date, enjoy our city tours for a great time.

See various places, historical areas. We will be the ones to take you from place to place, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Taxi Tours services we provide:

Circular tourist rides

-We will show you around while driving on predefined route or we can plan route on-the-go as you desire. This is perfect for clients that want to see more than one tourist attraction in short time.

One-day or multi-day trips (of your choice)

-If you are interested in sightseeing Croatia coast, you can choose one of predefined Trip Tours or pan your own tour, and we will take you anywhere you desire.

Transportation to cultural event

-Also, we can take you to different cultural events around Croatian coast.

Transfer to national and amusement parks

-There are several beautiful national parks in Croatia, you must see.

Daily excursions

-We can arrange daily excursions for You or Your group. Just contact us via phone or e-mail and e-mail with Your preferred route and we will arrange an excursion for You. The excursion can then be visible in “destination” menu of the booking system for easy payment and view of the entire route.

Pilgrimage Transfers

-If you are interested in religious tourism, allow us to organize for you a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Međugorje, and others, visited yearly by a million of pilgrims.

Some of great destinations we can take you: NP Krka, NP Plitvice, NP Paklenica, NP Korinati, city of Dubrovnik, Split, Nin, Šibenik, Novalja (Island Pag), Garden festival and others.

We customize our tours to meet your needs. Just let us know how long and what you want to see. We organize individual or group private tours and excursions. Some of the tours and excursions destinations are listed bellow:

NP Krka

The Krka National Park is located entirely within the territory of Sibenik – Knin County and encompasses an area of 109 square kilometers along the Krka River. The national park covers the major part of the course of this amazing river, and in addition to natural monuments it abounds with cultural and historical monuments.

Read more on official Krka web site.

NP Plitvice

Croatia’s first National park established in 1949 covers 296.85 km2 of breathtaking natural splendor becoming with it the largest among the eight national parks of the country. The park has a grand collection of waterfalls, gallery of lakes, forest and diversity of animal life. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue.

You can find more information on official Plitvica lakes web site.

NP Paklenica

The area of Paklenica National Park stretches on the littoral slope of South Velebit directly above the settlement of Marasovići, up to the zone of the highest mountain peaks (Vaganski vrh, Babin vrh, Sveto brdo). It covers the area of torrent flows of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica, and their distinctive canyons carved vertically into the south slopes of Velebit and the broader surrounding area.

Visit Paklenica official web site for more information.

NP Kornati

Today NP “Kornati” occupies an area of about 220 km2 and it includes 89 islands, islets and cliffs, altogether with a coastline about 238 km long. Despite this relatively large number of islands the continental part of the park forms only 1 of the total area, while everything else belongs to the marine ecosystem.

Continue reading on official Kornati web site.


It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the Adriatic, a seaport and the center of Dubrovnik-Neretva county. Its population was 43,770 in 2001, down from 49,728 in 1991. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The prosperity of the city of Dubrovnik has always been based on maritime trade. In the Middle Ages, as the Republic of Ragusa, also known as Maritime Republic, it became the only eastern Adriatic city-state to rival Venice.


Split is the largest Dalmatian city, the second-largest urban center in Croatia, and the seat of Split-Dalmatia County. The city is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, more specifically on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, spreading over a central peninsula and its surroundings, with its metropolitan area including the many surrounding seaside towns as well. An intraregional transport hub, the city is a link to the numerous surrounding Adriatic islands and the Apennine peninsula, as well as a popular tourist destination.


Nin was historically important as a centre of a Christian Bishopric in the Middle Ages. Up to the abolition and Latinization imposed by King Tomislav in the first half of the 10th century, Nin was the centre of the autonomous Croatian branch of the Church. Nin was also the seat of the Princes of Dalmatia. The Bishop Gregory of Nin (Grgur ninski) was an important figure in the 10th century Church politics of Dalmatia.


Šibenik is a historic town in Croatia, with population of 51,553 (2001). It is located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. Šibenik is a political, educational, transport, industrial and tourist center of Šibenik-Knin county.


Trogir is a town of history, museums and beautiful beaches. If either of these catches your interest, Trogir is a town you must visit. Located near Split, the transport hub for entire Croatian coast and within driving distance of the Split airport, Trogir is a small town of tourism. It has around 11 000 residents. Don’t miss the chance to explore history and beautiful beaches of this idilic town on the Adriatic.